A woman is beautiful by her way of being, through the naturalness she poses to the others, by the gentle gestures and by the way she manages to invade your day.

In order to create a balance between physical beauty and soul beauty, the woman resorts to small tricks that are often the bridge of passage to know her true value. Body and facial treatments, microdermabrasion sessions, laser therapy, injections of botulinum toxin and hyaluronic acid, or temporary or permanent lip augmentation are just a few of these tricks.

From the above-mentioned ones, we will stop on lip augmentation. As it is known lip augmentation can be done with hyaluronic acid and with its own fat transfer, both methods are and require repetition over a period of time between 6 months and 1 year.

In addition to temporary non-surgical methods for enlargement and lip care, a revolutionary procedure has been developed to increase the volume and improve their appearance with a silicone implant that also provides a permanent effect.

The implant serves as an alternative to injectable fillers (hyaluronic acid), most reabsorbing in a relatively short period of time, requiring repeat treatment. This option is a perfect choice for a permanent lip enhancement effect (lip implant). This implant creates a smooth and natural look for the lips, is designed to prevent the growth of surrounding tissue in it, can be removed or readjusted on demand, of course through aesthetic surgery.

Its advantage is that after insertion, this lip implant can be modeled to achieve the desired outline, and the non-porous surface will provide a natural look to the tissues of the lips (no hoarseness, deformations). This type of implanted lips does not break and does not deflate.

Cheiloplasty augmentation as it is called in medical terms the procedure of augmentation (augmentation) and modeling of the lip contour shows as any other surgery some risks that we need to take into consideration before making this decision.

Risks include: Anesthetic side effects, bleeding, hypersensitivity reactions, itching, hematoma, infection, swelling of the lips and excessive redness, abscess, allergic reactions to augmentation materials (either injectable or implantable), rejection implant (exposure / elimination).

The medical examinations that will be recommended by the surgeon as well as post-operative care and the physician’s understanding of the operation will considerably diminish these risks.

Regardless of which solution we choose to improve our appearance, it’s a good idea to talk to the doctor who will work to make sure the decision is the best and not to have regrets. In conclusion, we can enlarge our lips with hyaluronic acid, lip implant or transfer of our own fat.


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