A number of studies have described the negative psychological effects of losing or missing a testicle. Also other studies have suggested that the testicular implant (also called testicular prosthesis) leads to a good self-image and is associated with another degree of patient satisfaction.There are no published studies demonstrating that silicone prostheses cause disease.

Testicular implantation is an option for children with testicles uncrossed or twisted. Torsion is an extreme rotation of one or both of the testicles so that they are injured requiring their extraction. And adults can have this torsion in addition to other diseases or testicular cancer, all requiring testicle extraction. Also in men with small testicle and nonfunctional testicle implant is a visible option.

Although testicular prosthesis can recreate or create only a scrotum cosmetic image, there is no alternative to the testicular implant. Lack of treatment will only result in an empty or partially scrotum scrotum. Another alternative (except for testicular cancer) is surgical intervention called subcapsular orchiectomy, where only the testicle is removed from the capsule and the empty capsule is left in the scrotum. although this alternative offers a smaller scrotum structure, however it is preferable to the situation where the scrotum is completely emptied.

There are only a few conditions that can increase the risk of testicular implantation or even make it impossible. These contraindications are infections and untreated cancer. It is important to note that the testicular implant is strictly used for cosmetic (and psychological) motifs, and that in no case does it h