Penis Enlargement

Surgical techniques that improve the appearance and function can be achieved in length and thickness and can be made together or separately. The penis shows an external and an internal portion behind the pubic bone, this portion has some ligaments that can be cut and can be obtained one third of its length. This surgery may lead to increases in length up to 4 cm. The operation involves a meticulous dissection to avoid damage to nearby anatomical structures (urethra, vessels, nerves). The most commonly used incision is the vertical midline.

Postoperative results vary from case to case depending on the local anatomic conditions. Sometimes it may be small gains in erect length but the average growth is around 3 cm.

Also important is the pacient cooperation in the postoperative period, especially the use of traction or weights. Patients will wear a device with weights. The results becomes visible within 3 months after surgery, and can get better for 18 months.

Increase in thickness can be achieved with fat transfer. The most common method is the transfer that involves the harvest of donor areas (areas with excess fat) with the liposuction cannula to a volume of approximately 50 cc of fat per session, distributed symmetrically around the penis. You can repeat this procedure after 6 weeks if necessary. It is a simple procedure, quickly and without risk to the donor area . The main disadvantage of this method is that partial resorption may occur, requiring a new injection.

Postoperatively, it is recommended:

  • Antibiotic
  • Local dressing
  • Manual stretching to 1 week
  • Weight 2 weeks
  • After 46 weeks intercourse
  • The results are evaluated after 618 months


Aesthetic appearance of the labia has important implications on lifestyle (need to wear only a certain type of clothing) and of course it’s important in intercourse. Cosmetic Surgery (labioplastia) gives satisfaction in redressing these issues for aesthetically and mentally reasons.

Labioplastia is a technique to improve the aesthetic appearance of labia but without affecting their function.

Restoring Virginity (Himenoplastia)

Restoring virginity is a very current requirement both in terms of cultural, religious as well as personal. Reconstructive procedure involves a specific aesthetic plastic surgery.

How is the restoration of virginity (himenoplastia) done:

Is a procedure that is performed under local anesthesia, is painless, takes about one hour, and the pacients recovery is fast.
It Restores virginity so soon after the break as well after a much longer period of time.

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