Cervical lifting is the aesthetic surgical intervention recommended for patients who have low neck elastic, flaky, unsightly neck with a significant reduction in cervical muscle tone. The deformation of the cervical region also occurs due to the accumulation of submandibular fat deposits and / or the vertical strips of the platysma muscle, combining them over time gives the neck an unsightly appearance.

The exact knowledge of the anatomy of the cervical and facial region makes us diagnose well and perform a very effective operation, precisely on the structures targeted and secure. During surgery, the plastic surgeon has to remove the submandibular fat by liposuction and dismantle the vertical strips of the platysmillus muscle by specific surgical procedures, these maneuvers provide a good support to this long-lasting anatomy and region.It is not fair to treat only the excision of the surplus tegument resulting from its dissection of the deep planes and its rear traction.

The operation is performed under general anesthesia, lasting for an average of 2-3 hours, the incisions are located in the same area as the facial lifting, but a smaller stretch. Fine suture causes a less visible scar.At 10 days postoperatively the sutures are extracted, then the patient can resume the daily activities. It is important to mention the wearing of an elastic buttock at the level of the operated area, for about 1-3 months, in order to achieve an aesthetic healing of the cervical region, withthe skin as much attached to deep structures.

The postoperative effect for 10 years, combined with the use of hyaluronic acid injections, and those with botox, the effect can be much more durable.

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