As we may know the buttocks can be increased by autologous transfer of their own fat or hyaluronic acid (but this procedure becomes quite costly.) In the case of lipofilling, the fat needed to raise the buttocks is obtained by liposuction from areas like the thighs, abdomen rear trunk. This fat, properly prepared, is injected through multiple tunnels to achieve good uniformity. It’s basically a redistribution of fat.

Knowing that inevitably a degree of resorption will occur, it is necessary to inject a larger volume by 30-50%. Intervention is long (on average 2 hours) and laborious, but has the great advantage that postoperative scars are minimal, almost inobservable.

This procedure is intended to increase the volume of buttocks. Buttock augmentation can be done using silicone implants. Patients who want this intervention generally have a lack of adipose tissue in this area, or they do not manage to increase the volume of their muscles.

Side effects 

Patients avoid staying in the post-operative period. Considering this stress, patients may have severe pain during the recovery period.


Pain, bruising, and feeling of discomfort may occur during recovery. Patients with bearer implants will not be able to sit or stretch back for about 2 weeks. Most surgeons recommend using cold compresses to prevent swelling in incision areas.You can return to your daily activities: after 2 weeks. 


Bleeding, infection, nerve and muscle damage can occur. Buttock implants can change and can make one butt different from the other. Other risks include various adverse reactions to anesthesia and the need for another procedure. The risk of infection is higher when the icicles are made closer to the rectum.




The surgeon places the patient on his stomach, makes the incision in the buttocks or the coccyx area. A “pocket” is created where implants are inserted or where adipose tissue is inserted.

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