Tendons may be injured as a result of household accidents, work, road. Tendon injuries may be isolated or associated with damage to other anatomical structures: bones, nerves, vessels, etc. The mechanisms by which tendon damage occurs are varied: cutting, crushing, tearing. Section tendons cause the inability to use hand /finger affected, so it is necessary to repair.

Tendon suture can be made:

  • in the first 24 hours after the accident, if unpolluted wounds (glass window)
  • at 48-72 hours, if contaminated wounds (kitchen knife, circular, animal bites)
  • secondary skin after healing

the result is better if the surgery is done after the damage is done.

After surgery the patient will be immobilized on a hand plaster splint for  3 weeks,following the resumption of movements to be made gradually, in a recovery program.

Tendons can be damaged and opened in the absence of trauma.
For example, spontaneous rupture  aponeurosis extensor  of the fingers  In this case, the treatment is orthopedic,  is necessary to immobilize the finger for 4-5 weeks. If the result is not satisfactory , recourse to surgery.

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