In an era where the strong woman is attentive, carefree and stylish, the desire to be and to be beautiful causes more and more women to resort to aesthetic surgery and especially to change the shape of the breasts. A page in a newspaper, a paragraph in a magazine, or a news story is dedicated exclusively to a celebrity actor who has used aesthetic surgery to enlarge her breasts.

Lately, the press has been talking about revolutionary methods of breast augmentation such as stem cell use, lipofeeling with its own fat, and hyaluronic acid injections. Under these conditions the traditional method begins to lose its reputation but not its efficiency.

Breast augmentation with stem cells, own fat and hyaluronic acid are techniques for which time has yet to say that it has not been enough years since this type of surgery is being practiced to know for sure the risks it involves. A study on a considerable number of women who have undergone these interventions over a period of at least 10 years is necessary to eliminate the possible link between these processes and breast cancer that has now emerged at an earlier age. There have been numerous studies that have shown that there is no link between mammary implants and cancer, and the risk of breast cancer is the same in women without implants as in women with implants. The same situation is noticeable for other suspected diseases to be related to breast enlargement (eg autoimmune diseases).

Growth through stem cells and own fat represents a new surgical aesthetic surgery, as I said earlier, involving the use of cells in my own body to enlarge and firm the breasts.

It is a rather complex process to extract fat from the abdominal area or the thighs area by a liposuction procedure, then continue with a fat separation process of other compounds, extract the concentrated stem cells in the next step, once again with fat and injected into the breast. Stem cells help fat to adhere to the other cells, new tissue is created and breast enlargement occurs.

Apart from the fact that the risks are unknown and the volume can not be controlled because the stem cells have the ability to multiply in an unlimited number during our life, the major disadvantage is the cost. This is higher than that of mammary implants.

This technique causes breast enlargement (in a few months – time for cellular regeneration and new tissue formation), but does not provide firm breasts and does not have lifting effect. Also, only simple fat graft injections can be tried, but it has been extremely difficult to feed the new tissue with blood.

Hyaluronic acid injections are another new method that ladies are tempted to try to reshape their breasts. This non-surgical non-surgical method of breast augmentation and enlargement is recent, lasting for 45 minutes, and the results are maintained depending on the injected substance, after which maintenance injections are required (because the substance reabsorbs) . Unlike surgical treatment, however, this process is irreversible: injected substances can no longer be removed from the body, and the intervention is quite costly.

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