The most popular use of the laser is final hair removal. The Soprano Soprano Ultimate Hair Removal Machine acts by gently and surely warming the dermis to a temperature that destroys the hair follicle and prevents it from growing back without damaging the surrounding tissue. The Soprano is unique because of the “moving” method, which eliminates any discomfort. Instead of simply destroying unwanted hair, it gradually heats the hair follicle with ease. Thus, thanks to the innovative technology, it eliminates the often common problem of skin spots that have been bypassed.

Both men and women resort to definitive hair removal services to remove unwanted hair from the body. Ultimate hair removal is usually done on areas such as: mustache, Barbie, ear lobe, shoulders, back, subcutaneous tissue, abdomen, buttocks, inguinal area, bikini line, thighs, face, neck, neck, chest, arms, legs, hands and fingers from the legs.

A. Contraindications of definitive laser epilation:
a) Cancer, especially skin cancer

b) Pregnancy

c) Use of photosensitive medicines for which exposure to light (810 nm) is contraindicated

d) Diseases that can be stimulated at 810 nm light

e) Prolonged sun exposure or artificial tanning for 3 or 4 weeks before and after treatment

f) Active infection with herpes simplex in the treated area

g) Diabetes (insulin-dependent)

h) Fragile and dry skin

i)Hormonal disturbances (which can be stimulated by intense light)

j)Use of anticoagulants


l)History of coagulopathies

B.Adverse Effects of Final Laser Epilation:

Severe or prolonged redness and edema (swelling) within 2-24 hours of treatment

Within 48 hours of treatment, irritation, itching, a slight burning sensation or pain similar to sunburn may occur on the application site

Bursitis or epidermal erosions may appear to be evident for a few days or after treatment

C. Potential temporary side effects of definitive laser epilation:


b)wrinkle of the natural texture of the skin

c)change of the pigment


e)excessive swelling

f)fragile skin

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