Laser Treatments With Harmony Xl

Laser treatments with the Alma Harmony are characterized by a high-performance technique through multiple multi-functional modules and the possibility of upgrading.

a. Laser Acne Treatment

With the help of the intense blue light of the laser, it can easily destroy bacteria that cause unpleasant acne. The skin is not affected in any way and no medication is used that can cause unwanted side effects.

Laser acne treatments are: non-invasive, not painful, do not cause side effects, are easy to use due to the ergonomic model of the device.

b. Laser Facial Rejuvenation

Patients will get a more rejuvenated appearance of the skin. A series of 2-4 treatments will gradually stimulate new cells to replace aging cells or skin affected by various external factors. Laser energy penetrates the skin in about 15-20% of the surface, creates thermal channels without harming healthy tissue. Areas under laser action begin the healing process. Thus the skin becomes uniform and improves texture.

c. Treatment of Small Balls and Pigmentary Bars with Laser

To improve the color of the skin, it will work on superficial vascular irregularities and pigmented areas. Approximately five treatments will be used:

SR / SSR (skin rejuvenation)

SVL (superficial vascular pigmentation and pigmentation)

VP (vascular and pigmentation lesions)

For a much more rejuvenated and uniform image, 3 to 6 non-invasive and invasive infrared devices will be used. It distributes the uniform energy that will regenerate, remodel and repair the affected skin.

1. Contraindications of laser treatments:

a) Cancer, especially skin cancer

b) Pregnancy

c) Use of photosensitive medicines for which exposure to light (810 nm) is contraindicated

d) Diseases that can be stimulated at 810 nm light

e) Prolonged sun exposure or artificial tanning for 3 or 4 weeks before and after treatment

f) Active infection with herpes simplex in the treated area

g) Diabetes (insulin-dependent)

h) Fragile and dry skin

i)Hormonal disturbances (which can be stimulated by intense light)

j)Use of anticoagulants


l)History of coagulopathies

2. Adverse Effects of Laser Treatment:

Severe or prolonged redness and edema (swelling) within 2-24 hours of treatment

Within 48 hours of treatment, irritation, itching, a slight burning sensation or pain similar to sunburn may occur on the application site

Basics or epidermal erosions may appear to be evident for some.

3.Potential temporary side effects of definitive laser epilation:


b)wrinkle of the natural texture of the skin

c)change of the pigment


e)excessive swelling

f)fragile skin

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