Weekly peeling gives the skin a velvety and luminous look by removing imperfections caused by age or an active lifestyle. The “weekend” peeling adds to the changes in the skin that give you the feeling of a full-bodied and devoid of vitality. You can see real improvements in appearance and skin quality in just a few days.

The epidermis is a robust and resistant skin structure that protects the deep dermis, having the role of physical barrier. In the epidermis, however, fine wrinkles and pigmentation changes occur usually on the skin affected by the environment or age. The Laser procedure removes a thin layer of the epidermis, so restoring it will take only a few days. A substitute for laser peeling is microdermabrasion but the laser is more benign and the results are more visible as well as the technique used.

If you want a better result than after a microdermabrasion or after a chemical peeling and you have a limited time for skin restoration, then LaserPeel was designed for you.

The laser is a superficial, partial or even total epidermis peeling through which the epidermis is deeply ablated. That’s why it is considered the perfect step between microdermabrasion and profound peeling that rebuilds the entire structure of the skin.
Patients respond differently to laser peeling. Generally, the healthier and younger the skin is, the faster the recovery and healing takes place. Roseata and edema that occur (similar to a sunburn) are all the more intense as peeling is deeper. Reddening and the sensation of sunburn are normal reactions that occur in lasers that persist for an average of 12 hours. Besides the instantaneous laser peeling by computerized vaporization of a certain layer of the epidermis, the heat released into the skin has beneficial effects on the recovery of collagen. The reddish skin will turn after 24-48 hours in sputum, which will be removed by delicate exfoliation. This is actually a second peeling that MLP does in the same intervention.

Shortly after your laser, your skin will become softer, smoother and brighter, with significant and immediate changes in skin texture and tonicity.
Usually, the procedure can be repeated 2-4 times at 6-8 weeks. The more superficial peels applied, the smoother and smoother the skin. Moreover, by stimulating skin cells, vascularization and collagen synthesis, subsequent maintenance through cosmetics is more effective.
Exposure to sunlight, solar and self-contained lotions is forbidden. Creams with SPF-30 protection factor are mandatory if outdoors can not be avoided. Your doctor will give you all the recommendations you need in detail.

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