With the arrival of autumn and more in the winter, we must pay special attention to the care of the skin and the body. Skin in the exposed areas will deteriorate under the influence of environmental factors. Specialists recommend the use of moisturizing creams for both the body, hands and especially the face. The chosen creams should have a high degree of hydration, be as natural and age-appropriate. For lips it is advisable to use moisturizing conditioner or lipstick.
If we opt for a ski trip, we are encouraged to use a sunscreen with a high protection factor. It is also appropriate to dress properly, wearing gloves and covering our neck and face as far as possible.
In order to “shine” in the winter, aestheticians recommend a cure of 3-4 sessions of mesotherapy for the face and neck, to hydrate and vitaminize the skin. Mesotherapy or meso-lift is a complex of vitamins that are injected into the dermis by micro-injections for a healthy, bright and clean skin. The results are immediately visible: the skin gets brilliant, it is no longer tired and loaded. This vitamin complex contains substances needed to revitalize the skin and improve its elasticity.
Also in this period, hyaluronic acid is also available for a beautiful lip contour or for creating a better volume, revitalizing the cheekbones, covering the circles and blinding the naso-labial depths.
We can also use Botox to correct wrinkles. More surely we will fade harder when it’s cold. Botox is used successfully in correcting wrinkles from the upper face of the face, forehead, eyebrows and “laba gastii” but also above lips for wrinkle reduction.
If we have a more stable period and stay in the house, we can also focus on a laser session of deep face rejuvenation. Although a bit more aggressive because it removes superficial skin layers, the skin becomes red and small crusts form, the results are remarkable. After a few days after the skin has peel off, we will get a brighter and more rejuvenated face.
During this time, the lasers forbidden during the summer are available. We can make facial rejuvenation sessions, we can use the laser for acne and post-acne scars or to remove pigmentary and age spots. We have time to hold our sessions without being stressed by the strong rays of the sun.
Although less exposed to environmental factors and skin on the body “suffers during this period”. In addition to a high vitamin diet, we can use body relaxation massages, wonderful green tea packs that will remove toxins from the body and hydrate our skin or other remodeling procedures if we want to lose weight or keep ourselves in shape.
So let’s look at this season positively, think that we have enough time to spoil our face and body, caress them, moisturize them and prepare them for long walks outdoors when the weather is sunny and warm.

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