Each part of the body counts and deserves attention. Whether we want beautiful breasts, a shoulder waist or a bulging posterior solution are enough. The important thing is choosing the right one to get what we want. Some invasive, non-invasive others can surely change our appearance.

A beautiful posterior will attract the look of the opposite sex. To have a bulging bottom we can do various body treatments such as wrapping, massaging, electrostimulation or lpg treatments, go to the gym or use aesthetic surgery.
From a surgical point of view, the aspect of the buttocks can be improved by a fat transfer transfer and augmentation with a silicone implant.

The transfer of own fat is a surgical procedure by which the fat is aspirated from a region of the body (such as the abdomen), and then it is introduced into the deficient areas of the same organism: in the cheeks, the lips, the nasolabial shaft, in the area of ​​the eyes for the disappearance of the circles, as well as in other problematic areas of the body and of course in the posterior area to improve its shape. Knowing that inevitably a degree of resorption will occur, it is necessary to inject a larger volume by 30-50%. The intervention is long (on average 2 hours) and laborious, but has the great advantage that postoperative scars are minimal, almost inobservable.

Another method by which we can get a Brazilian posterior is the fesier implant.
Implants such as breast implants require surgical surgery to improve the appearance of buttocks and to create fuller shapes, the so-called “bulging bottom”. Made from solid or semi-solid silicone, the implants bring to touch, a similar feeling with the touch of well-toned muscles.

The bean implants are aimed at both women and men, who are concerned with more rounded shapes and a harmonious, well-proportioned physique.

The results are permanent and therefore the fear of intervention diminishes with the thought that we will do it once. The operation is not painful and involves about the same costs as a breast implant. The surgeon’s prescriptions must be strictly adhered to because there is a greater risk of complications than other aesthetic interventions, the operation being performed in a much more demanding area.
The surgery performed under general anesthesia takes 2-3 hours and consists of an incision of approximately 5 cm either in the buttocks area with the back of the thighs or in the buttocks (coccigian area). The surgeon will create a “pocket” big enough to insert the suture implants. The placement of the implants is done under the big fissure muscle or under its fascia, giving extra volume to the upper buttocks. Because of those mentioned, you do not have to worry about scars because they will be hidden.

After surgery, wearing a corset that helps reduce swelling and prevents fluid build-up, while improving blood circulation and supporting new buttock contours. You should avoid sleeping on the back and staying in position for at least 2 to 4 weeks.
After about 5-7 days, the daily activities can be resumed. Total activity can be resumed after 4-6 weeks, this duration being different depending on implant size and daily activity level. It is recommended, however, that you do not have any challenging physical activity within the first 3 months after the butt augmentation surgery.

For any intervention you choose, it is important that you follow strictly the instructions of the surgeon for the postoperative results to be very good.

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