Scars are injuries resulting from the undifferentiated tissue repair replacement (connective scar) of the skin and the deeper structures. Scarring may occur after burns, cuts, bruising, by a fire weapon, bitten wounds, etc. The scars can be flat, with minimal aesthetic and functional damage or hiperttophic, keloid, retractile, causing functional disorders (for : hand, eyelids, mouth, for example) or aesthetic (especially for girls).

For the Keloid scars is a familial predisposition to their formation. They are more prevalent in women, located with predilection in the face, ear lobe, presternal and shoulder.

Hypertrophic scars usually occur in the folds of flexion, as well as in other areas with increased mobility.

Children tend to form keloid scars, which did flatten with age.

Treatment can be conservative or surgical scars and is practiced only after their maturation, 9-12 months after injury.

Conservative treatment is recommended especially for keloid scars and should consist of:

– Local steroid injections
– Local application of silicone gel
– Presoterapie

Surgery is different depending on the location of scars on their size:

– Excision until healthy tissue and suture
– in case of retractable clamps,  Plasty with triangular flaps,
– in case of  extensive postcombustional scarring Fault coverage results with excision and skin grafts -The use of tissue expanders inserted under the skin near a scar in order to obtain an excess of scar tissue to replace skin.

The surgery is done under local or general anesthesia, depending on the size of the scar.

Postoperatively, if the scar is located in the limbs, that segment is immobilized by plaster splint for 10-12 days. After the suppression of local immobilization, is necesarry to aply ointments to model the new scar.

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