The thumb of the foot is called haluce. If it begins to deviate towards the little finger is called hallux valgus deformation. In the big toe is a swelling in the bone (mont). The disease is more common for women and its occurrence is determined by hereditary factors and aggravated by wearing inappropriate footwear (narrow, high heels). Clinically manifested by pain, swelling in the big toe, difficulty in walking and finding appropriate footwear to calm the pain.

Treatment is conditioned by the discomfort that it produces and by the appearance of pain. Some people tolerate significant deformity in the foot, wearing wider shoes.

There are several methods of surgical treatment, depending on the degree of local deformation, the presence of arthritis (joint infection) in the big toe.

The most common is the practice of removing excess bone, associated with osteotomy (bone cutting) I metatarsal bone and hallux restoration. The bones are kept in normal position by means of metal pins or screws, for 3-4 weeks. The patient must not base on the operated leg for 4 weeks, resuming movement with support and walking gradually.

Patients with big toe arthritis deformity are helped by lifting the affected joint (arthrodesis) and realignment of its bones.

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